Glenn Robinson III & Ari (Photo courtesy of @ARI.Foundation IG)
Glenn Robinson III & Ari (Photo courtesy of @ARI.Foundation IG)

The bond between a father and his daughter is truly unmatched. It’s incomparable because with the right intentions set, its divine connection can’t be severed. I may be biased as I write this because of the bond I have with my own father; but honestly, this realizations came back to light as I took time to highlight Black Fathers during Father’s Day 2020 on my show The Dialogue.

Due to – the world being in a pandemic – The Dialogue has been transformed to social media via IG Live. During the Fathers Day celebrations The Dialogue showcased Black Fathers for 2 straight weeks! We had Dallas Mavericks Player Antonius Cleveland, Dallas Mavericks Assistant Coach Darrell Armstrong, 14 year NBA Vet Anthony Morrow, NBA Player Glenn Robinson III of the Philadelphia 76ers, my own father and so many more amazing Black Dads!

I’ll be sharing my own takeaways from some of my conversations with the dads over the next month but today, I’m focusing on my chat with Glenn Robinson III.

Glenn not only is a #GirlDad but he also created a foundation, the ARI Foundation, named after his 2 year old daughter Ariana. There were several fun and impactful moments in my conversation with Glenn but one that really stuck with me was his mindset on leaving a legacy for his daughter. 

“I want her to know that I’m trying to create a legacy for [her] something that [she] can carry on as well….That’s what I’m most excited about, her name alone to have this much impact on the community thus far, she’s done a lot of great things…I’m giving her all the credit” – Glenn Robinson III on The ARI Foundation and his daughter Ariana’s impact.

I first spoke to Glenn about The ARI Foundation while he was playing for the Golden State Warriors, when the Warriors were in town to play the Dallas Mavericks on November 20, 2019. It’s been amazing to see the Foundation do wonders in the community through the holidays and even now in the midst of a global pandemic.

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