Fashion designer Kate Spade died on June 6 and according to the New York Police Department, the cause of death was suicide. Spade, found deceased in her New York City home, was the founder of her namesake brand, known for its accessory collections of handbags and jewelry. The company was founded in 1991.

When news reports announced Spade’s untimely death, it wasn’t just the ‘fashion industry’ that felt the loss. An outpour of love, grief and beautiful memories came from women across the world. Social media alone was in a frenzy, yet in a moment of sadness those who loved Kate Spade were able to come together.

In Spade’s honor we now highlight not just the talents that she offered to the world but also take time to remember how strong she made women feel every single day. Here are a few of the social media posts that cherish Spade’s memory:

Mindy Kaling (actress, comedian and writer) took to twitter to share what simply wearing designs by Spade meant to her.

Olivia Munn (actress & model) tweeted out how the first purse she ever owned was a design by Spade.

Bryce D. Howard (Actress, producer and director) posted a heart felt message on her Instagram where she sent her love to Spade’s family and let her Instagram followers know that there is help available if any of them are suffering with unhealthy thoughts.

Lena Dunham (producer, director, actress) reflects on the love that New York City alone had and will continue to have for Spade.

These first social media post have been from ‘celebrities’ however, Spade’s inspirational designs knew no limits. Chelsea Clinton says it was Spade’s designs that created a great memory of her own grandmother.

Janelle Monae (Singer, actress and director) has been seen several times in designs by Spade; she left a loving message via twitter

Kanye West (artist, fashion designer, director) spreads a message of ‘loving everyone’ – includi tweet about the passing of Spade.

With just this handful of social media posts, the impact from fashion icon Kate Spade is evident. Spade was able to be a light for those who delighted in her fashions. Her vibrant patterns and styles were unique and encouraged those who wore them to stay true to who you are! 

Spade used her light as a torch to light the path as she marched forth to make ‘women being at the top of the fashion industry’ a major priority. She will be missed but more importantly, she will be remembered!

Red Carpet View is keeping the loved ones of Kate Spade in prayer during this difficult time and anyone experiencing unhealthy thoughts please contact the National Suicide Prevention Hotline: 1-800-273-8255.