July starts the second half of the year and I’ve decided to make it the 1st half of a new journey for me. If you follow me on Instagram (Follow Here) you would have seen that I participated in a ‘Consistency Challenge’ via one of my personal favorite influencers, Mattie James. The rules of the challenge were to post once a day on your Instagram page. I really flexed my consistency muscle for those 30 days and my audience engagement showed that they appreciated me showing up everyday, consistently.

I have chosen to join in on Mattie James’s new challenge which is focusing on Blogging consistently for the month of July. Anyone interested in the #MJConsistencyChallenge can find the details here!

Simply put, I’m excited to bring this blog of mine back to life after a rather long slumber. 

This week on the blog I will be highlighting how beautiful the father and daughter bond is and an essential worker who has been on the front lines during the Covid-19 pandemic. I look forward to seeing you tomorrow and feel free to comment below if you have a blog, I’d love to connect!